We here at Stained Glass Services proudly offer the very best in stained glass maintenance and restoration in Glasgow’s West End. We take pride in the level of care that we offer to all of our clients across the West End. Not only do we create and produce brilliant bespoke pieces of personalised stained glass craftsmanship, but we are also on hand to breathe new life in to any pieces that you may already own. So if your piece has lost its shine, colour or has any other damage, do not hesitate to contact us.

We guarantee a premium service that will restore your pieces’ special character and glean, making it the rightful focal point in any environment. Therefore, if you are scouting for artisanal craftsmen in the West End that will take pride and care in your pieces, then look no further than Stained Glass Services.

We at Stained Glass Services know that over time your stained glass pieces can lose their shine and can receive minor damages and wear. But do not think that this means that you need to purchase a full replacement. Our highly skilled and trained craftsmen will be able to analyse your piece and restore it to its former glory. This can be a very effective procedure. With the level of pride and care that we take in our work, we can revitalise your stained glass piece to a level on par with completing replacing it. This means that you do not need to part with your beloved piece, but we can make it shine and sparkle. There is no job too grand or little for our services, so please get in touch with us about any stained glass maintenance or restoration projects across the West End of Glasgow, and further afield.

To book our services please complete the contact form on our website. You could also email us directly at info@stainedglassservices.co.uk , or phone us on 07765 685 303.