Welcome to Stained Glass Services- the very best in stained glass maintenance and restoration in Glasgow’s Southside. With our vast range of experience working with both residential and commercial stained glass projects, we guarantee an unrivalled level of service and professionalism. We put a great deal of attention and care in to every project that we work on, giving fantastic results every time. There is no project that is too big or small for our services and will restore any stained glass piece to its former prowess.

A stained glass piece can either be a great accent or amazing focal point or any residential or commercial property, and we will make sure that yours is. So if it is time for your stained glass piece to recieve a well-needed touch up or repair, then we at Stained Glass Services are here to help. We can service any piece in any property in the southside of Glasgow or further afield.

Whether your stained glass piece resides proudly in your home, hotel, business, church, mosque or gurdwara, we at Stained Glass Services can help. We take care with each individual piece and make sure that every item that passes through our workshop comes out looking great. If your stained glass piece is looking past its best do not worry, we can make it shine, sparkle and remove any signs or wear, age or cracks.

So if you are looking to revive your stained glass piece, and revitalise it, look no further. At Stained Glass Services we can produce stunning results, not matter the age of your piece. If you wish to see some of our fantastic results, why not browse through our gallery, or have a read at our testimonials? To contact as please do not hesitate to fill out the form on the ‘contact’ page on our website. We can also be reached via email at info@stainedglassservices.co.uk, or by phoning us at 07765 685 303.