Stained Glass Services covers the whole spectrum of stained glass design, manufacture and installation. We see clients’ ideas through from their early beginnings right down to the final product installation, and our comprehensive service is a favourite among those who wish to employ professional artisans to carry out their stained glass work.

Unlike large, indifferent retailers in the industry, we operate on a project- and client-focused basis rather than a sales environment, so you can come to us with your concept – or even vague thoughts – and we’ll mould this into a stained glass piece that will be your pride and joy.

The bespoke nature of our work caters for clients who desire a highly tailored service delivered by seasoned craftsmen with skilled hands and minds. Wherever your imagination leads you, we will follow.


Our design services encompass the from-scratch design of stained glass, lead overlay, bevelled glass and sandblasted glass.

With our expertise and experience, the design process is an enjoyable one where clients get to implement their vision whilst we bring it to life. For any of our glass products, we consider an important range of factors to help clients decide which type of glass would be most suitable and which would match their expectations.


The manufacturing process is simple – we take the design agreed upon between us and the client, and we create it using only materials of the finest, most durable quality. Our manufacturing equipment and technical know-how come together to produce the stunning stained glass panels we’re renowned for.

In addition, our own manufacturing process allows us the flexibility we need to craft bespoke pieces for our clients. Whatever the job – big or small, personal or commercial – we’ll take it on with the promise of eye-watering results.


Our services would not be complete without an impeccable installation service. For every glass product you purchase, we can install the panels and meld them successfully into your window frames, door frames, cupboard frames, etc.

We pay attention to detail and take great care to install stained glass panes exactly to your specifications. Particularly, we ensure smooth, polished finishes that do justice to the stained glass itself and to the overall ambience and style of your space.

Maintenance & Repair

Our maintenance, repair and restoration services are second to none. With our trademark care and dedication, we want to ascertain that every glass product that leaves our workshop still shines and dazzles, no matter how old it is.

If your stained or leaded glass piece has suffered any injury, we’re here to help. We expertly repair and restore all forms of stained glass and take pride in bringing back antique pieces to their former glory. Instead of replacing your old stained glass piece, we recommend having it analysed by our able craftsmen and exploring the possibilities of repair and restoration, which can be as effective as total replacement.